Welcome to Preschooler PLAY, dedicated to fun activities for children!
     I am Heather, creator and owner of Preschooler PLAY. I have one wild little boy of my own. We spend our days exploring, learning, playing, and making messes! I feel truly blessed to be a mother and I want to relish every minute of it. I enjoy sharing my passion for education through fun hands-on learning, guided play, exploration, process art, and open ended crafts.
      I have nearly 10 years of experience working with children. Once my son was born, I happily embraced the opportunity to stay home with him, while also caring for children of friends and family. As my son grew, I started organizing playgroups to create fun social/learning experiences for him, as well provide a creative outlet for myself. My involvement in the playgroups soon reminded me of how much I love creating, planning, crafting, and teaching. Currently I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with core classes in child development, and plan to begin a program for a Master of Science in Early Childhood Services. Before having my son I spent most of my career working at elementary schools teaching in intervention/enrichment programs. Prior to that, I spent many years working in retail management for a small multi-location children’s boutique. With the unique combination of my education and experience in mind, Preschooler PLAY was born, thus allowing me to share my passion with the world.

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