Guided Play Sessions

What is a Guided Play Session?

I currently offer small group themed preschool guided play sessions, as well as various other activities. Each guided play session  provides a uniquely educational and fun experience using a combination of exploratory learning and guided play techniques. I lead the children through approximately 45- 60 minutes of creative hands-on activities exploring: science, art, math, and storytime.

These guided play sessions are best for ages 2 1/2 thru 5 years; the younger children may need more help from a parent. These are informal preschool type classes  that are focused on creating a fun learning environment, and meant to introduce a little structure in a small group setting. Activities are designed for children to be capable of doing fairly independently with the group. Parents are welcomed to join in to provide a fun bonding experience, or choose to sit back to observe a bit while the children partake. Some children may need more parental assistance depending on a their age, skill level, or interests.

Guided play sessions serve as great learning resources for children not yet in a school program, as well as for those already attending such programs. For those not yet enrolled in a school program these sessions provide an entertaining educational  experience, introduction to routine/transitioning, and preparation for group work. Sessions will provide a worthwhile enjoyable learning/socialization experience without the hassle, cost, time, planning, preparation, and mess of having to do it yourself. For children already attending a school program, the guided play sessions will serve as the perfect enrichment tool. The sessions will create a small group experience with hands-on activities and  science components that are not always feasible in a traditional school setting.

Sample Guided Play Activity Descriptions-

Exploring Rain:

1) Exploration- Exploring Water with Measuring & Pouring

2) Science Experiment- Rain Cloud Experiments

3) Art- Rain Drop Painting with Eyedroppers & Liquid Watercolors

4) Math Game- Rainy Day Number Match Pictures & Pom Pom Gluing

5) Storytime & Snack- Raisin Raindrops

Guided Play Photos:

St. Patrick’s Day Fun


Spring Time Candy Exploration

Earth Exploration